Verona, a jewel shaped by history and made famous by Shakespeare

Magnificent city of Veneto on the banks of the Adige, Unesco heritage, Verona & egrave; the ideal place to spend a romantic getaway as a couple, an exit with friends from the daily grind or maybe a little & rsquo; to relax with your family: whether you choose a night, a weekend or a week, you will be a stay you will never forget. Verona & egrave; a treasure chest full of treasures just waiting to be opened, with an eye to the beautiful territory in which it is set, dominated by the wonders of Lake Garda and the undulating lines, segmented by the vineyards of Valpolicella, and of Lessinia .


Piazza Bra , Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori are the meeting points of the city & agrave ;, where surrounded by centuries of history can be described; spend a Veronese afternoon, sipping an aperitif, browsing through the shops, remaining, for example, fascinated by the Palazzo della Gran Guardia and Palazzo Barbieri in Piazza Bra. Or maybe a chat with friends in Piazza delle Erbe, with the awareness of walking on an ancient Roman Forum where the medieval Casa dei Mercanti reminds us that the colorful market, frequented by tourists, has been held here for centuries and Veronese, under the centuries-old watchful eye of the Lion of St. Mark, in memory of the dominion of the Serenissima. Crossing Piazza delle Erbe, you can't go ahead. miss the passage under the arch of the Costa, to then meet in the twin Piazza dei Signori, the living room of Verona, where the statue of the great poet Dante Alighieri dominates, who lived here for a long time in exile, and where he composed most of the < strong> Paradise of the Divine Comedy. Stroll in the magic of the narrow streets of the historic center and inspire & agrave; certainly also your heart


Very close to the Luxury Wellness Verona Spa, you will find one of the most beautiful places; visited in the world: the Juliet's house , a place of pilgrimage for lovers from all over the world. The Casa di Giulietta, built in the 12th century, originally belonged to the family of the Cappello, from which derives the name of the street where our Palace overlooks. Following research by philologists and writers, it was concluded, given the similarity of the surname with that of the Capulets, that this was Juliet's house described by the genius of Shakespeare . All of this magical place remains imprinted: The colored walls with declarations of love that lead to the courtyard under the balcony, the underlying statue of Juliet (touch it, bring luck!), But certainly also the impressive amount of tourists. What c & rsquo; & egrave; better then a little & rsquo; to relax at home, thanks to the Spa, choosing to visit Juliet's House whenever you want, perhaps taking advantage of the less crowded times?


If a building that still bears witness to the medieval architectural genius of the Ghibelline lords of Verona (those who protected and sheltered Dante), the Scaligeri , this & egrave; certainly the Castelvecchio , a construction that also bears witness to the very ancient and very close link between the city & agrave; with the waters of the Adige. This castle, used over the centuries by Venetians, Napoleons and Austrians as a stronghold, ammunition depot and barracks, & egrave; can even be visited by carriage. Today it houses the Civic Museum of Verona with 30 rooms, from when it was restored between the 60s and the 70s. To symbolically unite the Fortress with the city, c & rsquo; & egrave; the Bridge , a masterpiece of 3 arches, with battlements, walkways and loopholes from which to scrutinize a breathtaking view of the hills and mountains that surround Verona.


Unlike what is often mistakenly thought, the first prehistoric nucleus of Verona was not in the historic center, but right at the foot of this magnificent hill, in one of the few fords of the Adige river. Perhaps for this reason, in our days, on the Colle San Pietro & egrave; born the Archaeological Museum of Verona , full of historical artifacts from the city & agrave; and not only; below the museum there is a magical Roman Theater , where every year the Bellezz Festival is held: musicians, poets and actors from all over the world make every evening memorable, made already magical from the sunset view of the river and the rooftops of the city. If all this was not already quite romantic, you will not be left there; than climb to the top of the Colle, where a terrace overlooks the pi & ugrave; beautiful panorama that you can imagine: the city & agrave; of Verona in all its magnificence.


Perhaps together with Juliet's house, the Verona Arena certainly represents the image of the city; scaligera around the world. Location located in Piazza Bra, which saw the best artists in the world perform, does not need big presentations. We can only remember that after XX centuries of life, one of the best preserved Roman buildings ever remains. Don't miss the great pop music concerts and the Balletto, the summer opera season that takes place every year in the summer.


The Basilica, located in a very green area of ​​Verona, and far from the classic tourist circuits, represents a symbol of the Romanesque in Italy, not only & eacute; the pi & ugrave church; celebrated of the city & agrave ;. It & rsquo; dedicated to the patron saint of the city & agrave ;, San Zeno , considered the one who port & ograve; Christianity in Veneto in the 4th century AD The Basilica, famous because in the Shakespearean tragedy Romeo and Juliet got married in great secrecy, hosts the San Zeno Altarpiece of Mantegna , a masterpiece of the Venetian Renaissance and many other wonderful works of art, all to be discovered.


Verona is located in a strategic and strategic hub of the Northeast, which makes it an excellent base for visiting all of Northern Italy, Austria and going down to the Center (Bologna, Florence, Rome, etc.). Also the locations Veneto's tourist attractions are not far away and can be easily reached ( Venice , Vicenza , Padua , Treviso, the Dolomites , the Adriatic coast ), but it is the surroundings of the city & agrave; scaligera to kidnap the heart: Lake Garda with its thermal pearl Sirmione , the fortress of Peschiera del Garda , the museum house of D & rsquo; Annunzio al Vittoriale of Gardone Riviera and the Garda cycle path , defined & ldquo; la pi & ugrave; spectacular d & rsquo; Europe. & rdquo;

For nature lovers instead, to visit absolutely the Valpolicella , land of wines among the most beautiful; renowned in the world, of rolling hills (and where even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie bought a villa in 2010), and the Lessinia , Prealpi Venete territory, with trekking and mountain bike trails of different heights and difficulty & agrave; suitable for everyone.


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